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Electrical Adhesive Tapes

PPI self-adhesive tapes for electrical insulation encompass all insulation classes from Y to H in the working temperature range from -200oC to +400oC.

When selecting a self-adhesive tape for electrical insulation the following points are important:

  • nature of the object requiring insulation 
  • insulation requirement 
  • resistance against heat and cold 
  • resistance against impregnating resins, cast resins, transformer oils, solvents, and chemicals 
  • mechanical strength 

When selecting a self-adhesive tape for use during a manufacturing process the following points are important:

  • nature of object being processed 
  • type of surface - plastic, metal or glass 
  • whether tape will remain permanently in place or be removed after processing 
  • resistance against solvents and moisture 

As well as the different supporting base materials we offer a range of different corrosion proof adhesive coatings:
synthetic rubber  thermosetting ts
synthetic resin  heat resistant hr - thermosetting ts
pre-cured thermosetting pts 
silicone  heat resistant hr - thermosetting ts 
heat-sealing  thermoplastic - duroplastic 

Heat resistant adhesives are thermoplastic with good tack and limited resistance to solvents. Thermosetting adhesives cure when subjected to heat and provide excellent resistance to solvents, impregnating resins and cast resins.

Precured thermosetting adhesives already have good resistance to solvents, impregnating resins and cast resins and after full curing this resistance is greatly increased.

Thermosetting adhesives  1 hour
2 hours
Precurred thermosetting adhesives  4 hours
2 hours
1 hour

Heat-sealing adhesives, thermoplastic as well as duroplastic, can be activated by solvents or by heat. They give strong adhesion under pressure.

PPI Electrical Tapes are constructed from a complete range of backing materials:

  • Acetate silk cloth 
  • Creped Nomex® Polyamide paper 
  • Creped paper 
  • Glasscloth 
  • Kraft paper 
  • Laminates of film / cloth, film / foil, film / paper & film / non-woven 
  • Nomex® Mica paper 
  • Nomex® Polyamide paper 
  • Non-wovens 
  • Polycarbonate film 
  • Polyester film 
  • Polyethylene Naphthalate film (PEN) 
  • Polyimide film 
  • Polypropylene film 
  • Shrinkable Polyester film 
  • Teflon® PTFE coated glasscloth 
  • Teflon® PTFE film 
  • Triacetate film 

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